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Weekly Themes & Stories for May

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This month we will be learning about: Apricots, Green Beans, Pineapples, Broccoli, & Oranges We will be reading:  Jack and the Hungry Giant, Green Beans, Potatoes and Even Tomatoes, Fruits in Suits, Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli, and Each Orange Had 6 Slices.  You can cuddle up and read these great books with your child at home too. [/quote]

Bring it: 4/29 Book about veggies

National Screen Free Week 4/29-5/5: Turn off all your screens for a week. Can you to do it?  If you can’t do it for a week. Try it for an hour or two a night. You’ll be amazed what a difference it makes.  There are lots of things to do that don’t involve screens and encourage family time. Read more at Turn off the screen!,  7 awesome ways to have fun and learn at home without screensScreens before bed?

Mother’s Day Craft Project 5/6-5/10:  Mommies, Grandmas and Great Grandmas join us anytime this week between 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. for a special Mommy & Me activity in your child’s classroom.

Bring it: 5/7 A Russet Potato

Staff Development Training 5/7 & 5/8: Taking Care of Ourselves Helps us Take Better Care of Others. Sometimes we are so focused on caring for others we forget about ourselves. We’ll learn how to make sure we have some ‘me’ time. 🙂 Every month our teachers learn something new, takes a look at something old from a new perspective, reinforces and reinvigorates previous education and training, or just have some hands-on fun through our regular training programs.

In addition to our inhouse training, we receive coaching from Child360 (aka LAUP). Several times a month our Child360 coaches visit and help us improve our parent, children and co-worker interactions. They help us: pinpoint areas to improve, set goals and implement action plans.   Learn more about our happy teachers here.

Bring it: 5/6-10 A picture of you and mommy or grandma all week.

Mommy Celebration 5/10:  Mommies, Grandmas & Great Grandmas join us for a yummy celebration in your honor full of treats, singing and surprises. Infant Center – 9:30, Tiny Tots – 10:00, Toddlers – 10:30, Preschool – 11:00.

Picture Day 5/13 & 14: 5/13 Preschool (Cap & Gown for Busy Bees!) 5/14 Infants & Toddlers by Julie Lilly Photography. Please complete Order Form and include payment by picture day. Look for proofs within 4 weeks. Return for refund if any problems. | If an order form was not completed one pose will be taken and provide proof within 4 weeks to place any orders. | You can either have your child wear his/her photo outfit or send an outfit to change into. Graduating Busy Bees will take their graduation pictures in full caps & gowns provided by the school. |If your child can’t make the designated day, let us know and we’ll make sure the pictures are taken on the other day. | Please see Order Form in your child’s folder.

Wear it: 5/16  yellow like a pineapple

Teacher Appreciation Week 5/13-17: We all know how important praise and recognition is for our children. Sometimes we forget how important it is for our teachers too. Please let them know how much we all appreciate them. A little gesture can make a huge difference.

Click here to pick a teacher and write a review

Bring it: 5/20-24 your pet. Share your pets this week! All pets must be very friendly. Small animals in cages make the best visitors but dogs, cats & other are welcome too. Pets that live in cages or bowls like hamsters, fish and lizards are welcome to stay for the day.  Other pets like dogs and cats may come for short visits, when you pick up or drop off, but can not be left at school.   You can bring a picture of your pet to share instead..  Please arrange all pet visits with your child’s teachers.

Puppy Party 5/21 10:00 at the preschool: The cutest puppies you’ve ever seen stop by to make us smile, laugh and share some love! Look for pictures on facebook!

Bring it: 5/22 Draw a monster and bring it to school

Field Trip Underwood Farms 5/23 9:00-1:00:  Bring Sack Lunch | 3370 Sunset Valley Rd, Moorpark, | 805-529-3690 | Field trips are available for Busy Bees, Dragonflies, Penguins 3+ years old and potty trained.  All children must wear their Halsey Shirt on all field trips. If your child is in the Panda class, he/she may attend the trip if you or your spouse or other loved one join us. Parents are always welcome to attend and space is limited. So let us know if you want to join us right away. Sign up for Field Trips here.

School Closed 5/27: Memorial Day. Have a great weekend! We’ll be thinking about you.

Bring it: 5/28 an orange for snack.

Coming Up…

    • Daddy’s Project Week 6/10-14
    • Daddy’s Donut Party 6/14
  • Busy Bee Graduation 6/28 10:00 at St. Luke’s.

Camp Halsey 7/1: Time to think about summer! The learning fun doesn’t end at Halsey Schools; The summer is when it really takes off!  Currently enrolled families automatically continue for the summer. New families & Kindergartners can start at anytime as long as space is available. Busy Bees who graduated last year are welcome back too!  | Taking a vacation? Let us know your summer plans here  or block out dates in your Parent Portal at least two weeks before your vacation. Sign up for Summer Field Trips here.


Family Vacations: Will you be taking a summer vacation? Please fill out the What Are Your Summer Plans or block out dates in your Parent Portal at least two weeks before your vacation. This will allow us to plan accordingly for our daily activities and not worry about why your child is not at camp. Thank You!

Wear Sunscreen Everyday: It’s Sunscreen Time! If you’ve stopped applying daily sunscreen, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Children (10 months- 6yrs)  should come to school wearing an SPF 30 or more on all exposed areas of the skin. If you would like us to re-apply a medication form must be completed. We also recommend wearing a hat. We will be having a lot of outdoor fun!  (Always consult your child’s physician.)

Tuition Rates: Our tuition rates are adjusted annually. If you are not yet on the current rate schedule, the adjustment takes place on your June 20th statement for July billing. (Tuition for graduating Busy Bees will not change.) Click here or click on Tuition & FAQs above or download the parent handbook to see the current rates.

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