Captain Kicks Soccer

Soccer Wednesdays with Captain Kicks: 9:30-10:45 for children 2+. A 1/2 hour class for Pandas and a 45 minute class for Penguins, Dragonflies & Busy Bees. All classes will take place outside. All Enrichment Instructors follow all the same screening procedures as our teachers. Captain Kicks Soccer $200 for a 10 week session, meets Wednesdays. To sign up click here and scroll down to sign up underneath the BLANK email and password to create an account. Then in activities search for Halsey Schools. Then select the 2 year old or 3-5 year old group.

Captain Kicks bills directly. You will not be billed on your Halsey Schools’ Statements. Contact: Zachary Benau 424-666-8920

Robert Rice - Owner


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