Loving Toddler Center in Woodland Hills

Early Childhood Development for your active toddler

You’ll love our Toddler Program! It’s fun, active, educational, safe and full of happy laughing children. Your child will love our daily singing, dancing and hands-on activities. When you join Halsey Schools’ Toddler Center you’ll become a part of our family and we’ll become a part of yours. We are always ready to help you and your family in any way we can. Please give me a call at 818-992-1942 or schedule an online appointment to see what I mean. I hope to meet with you soon.

Your Child Will Love It Here & So Will You!

Your Toddler  will feel comfortable and secure; loved and nurtured; happy and content. Your child will experience successes that encourage physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth.

As your children develop their own sense of self confidence they will begin to identify and understand their unique strengths and abilities as they transition to preschool. 

We follow this sample flexible schedule that  introduces children to a more structured age-appropriate schedule.

Structure & Free Time Boost your child's learning ability


Flexible Sample Schedule


Arrival, Breakfast, Open Play In Centers.


Diaper Change and Wash Hands


Clean Up Time and Circle Time


Hand Washing and Snack Time


Outside Play and Motor Skills


Diaper Change and Wash Hands, Open Play In Centers


Arts & Crafts and Outside Activities


Clean Up Time, Wash Hands




Diaper Change and Wash Hands, Nap/Rest Time


Diaper Change, Circle Time, Wash Hands, Snack Time


Outdoor Play, Art and/or Group Activities and Free Play


Diaper Changes, Wash Hands, and Snack Time


Self-Expressive Art, Center Play, Outdoor Play



You are encouraged to be as involved in school activities as much as you would like. Come in anytime to breastfeed, bottle feed, pump, hangout, read a story, play outside. Whatever you want. Join us for our many monthly parent involvement opportunities throughout the year.

The Most LOVED Toddler Center In Woodland Hills

Teachers Your Family Will LOVE!

At Halsey Schools all teachers are: Early Childhood Development Credentialed; CPR & First Aid Certified; Loving & Caring; Trained to educate both children and parents; Professional & Experienced. They'll make both you and your child happy every day! You’ll love our teachers as much as we do. They are the best! Click to learn more about our Happy Teachers.

Daily Written & Verbal Communication

You can talk to the teachers daily, read the daily paper communications, get daily updates on our parent portal, follow us on Instagram and facebook, schedule a conference and visit any time. Participate in as many parent Involvement opportunities as you would like. See Parent Handbook.

December Newsletter

Your Child Will LOVE These Early Childhood Development Activities!

At Halsey Schools your child will learn at his/her own pace in an environment of acceptance and understanding.Your child will explore and learn all day with a variety of music, art, dance, physical education, academic, STEAM and other activities. All led by interactive hands-on teachers. Halsey Schools is so much more than Daycare or Childcare.

Low Ratios give your child lots of LOVE & attention

Our low ratios provide the personalized attention and socialization your child needs. No more than 5 or 6 Toddlers per teacher. Ages 18 months to 2 years old.

Diaper Changing

Diapers welcome: we help potty train your child & change diapers.

Structured Yet Flexible Hands-On Learning Curriculum

The teachers create lesson plans designed to give your child the opportunity to experience successes that help develop physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. We will help your child develop his/her own sense of self confidence and help emphasize unique strengths and abilities.

Bottle feeding with breast milk or formula

Your child will be bottle fed as needed on his/her schedule. Drop in anytime to breastfeed or just hang out! Nutritious Daily Snacks provided when on solid foods or bring your own.

Personalized Care for your baby

Your children will explore, learn & master age appropriate skills with the help of their loving & caring teachers.

At this age your child begins to walk, slide, tumble, climb up, over and into things. Your child will be very busy collecting, filling and dumping things. Small muscle skills begin to develop as your child begins to explore; taking apart, staking, setting up and knocking down. As your child begins to understand words and directions, we stimulate development by providing a variety of opportunities to learn about choice and responsibility.

At this age your children will become more active, verbal and independent with a strong desire to do things for themselves. We encourage appropriate development for your two year old with lots of hands-on opportunities to explore inside and outside while developing physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. Your child will most likely be promoted into our preschool program at around 24-28 months old.

Affordable Tuition

Click to see rates.

Strick Wellness & Illness Policy

Immunizations Required: 100% of children and teachers are immunized. Stringent COVID-19 & other Illness safety protocols in place including friendly daily pre-entry health screenings: all symptoms, illnesses, & fevers >100° stay home. Click to read our illness policy.

milestones for 2-3 year old children in woodland hills

Interactive, socialized activities & individual learning

Smiling, laughing, learning and giggling all day long! Your child's daily activities will vary based on personal developmental needs. We encourage your child to explore, learn & master age appropriate skills. Children learn best by doing. Not watching. We have a screen free environment and encourage lots of outdoor and indoor play, exploration and hands-on education so your child will thrive!

Clean, Bright, Safe Campus

Open Door Policy: Drop in anytime. Open All Year: Traditional School Calendar, with Summer, Winter & Spring Camps. Extended Hours Monday - Friday 7:30-5:30. Only closed for about 10 holidays a year. Click for your virtual picture tour.

Family Owned & Operated Since 1978!

We Listen to Parent Feedback & Take Action! Regular Surveys & Follow Up. Click to read more.