Families Like Yours LOVE Us! You Will Too!

I love all the teachers and their commitment to our kids. Not a negative thing to say about any of them.



The staff is incredible!!! They are always so friendly and greets us with a smiling face. They are so caring for our son and we feel so confident with leaving him there. I am so thankful for the staff being so patient with taking the time to help my son learn to take the bottle!!



I love the teachers in the Toddler class! We will be sad to say goodbye when we move over to the Penguins. They are so warm and welcoming. Jones is picking up so many new language skills from school. Counting to 20 in english and 10 in Spanish. She retains information from the daily lessons - talking about emotions, clothing, body parts. Truly satisfied with the engagement.



We absolutely love Halsey Schools! We enrolled our daughter at 6 months and she's loved every second of it. She has learned SO much and we can't wait to see more develop. We're starting our 3.5 year old son Luke there in the Summer and are so excited for him as well.



Our experience at Halsey is wonderful. I love to drop off and pick up our daughter and always see motivated and smiley faces!


Loves smiley faces 2022

We are very happy with the open communication we have with everyone at Halsey. I feel safe knowing my son is in your hands.


feels safe 11/21

I really love the updates and photos that are submitted in real time.


loves the parent ap 10/21

Great communication. Great daily updates while at daycare. Good variety of activities done. Love the steps for infection control.


loves daily updates 09/21

We feel like Jack is well taken care of and is learning so much in the infant center! I love the focus on tummy time, and that he’s able to spend a lot of time on the floor getting stronger. He always comes home in a good mood. My husband and I are so happy Jack has somewhere safe and nurturing to go to while we are both working.


is so Happy! 8/2021

The teachers and staff are amazing and we couldn’t be more happy to have Emma and Cloe attend Halsey!


couldn't be more happy 8/2021

I love this care service! My baby gets to be more social and be in an environment of growth and learning. They send me pictures everyday of him having so much fun! It is a great relief to not have to worry about your baby while you have to work. Overall a great daycare infant care!


Pleased worry-free Mommy 5/2021

I love Halsey and so does my son! Every teacher he has been with (infant center, tiny tots, toddlers, and pandas) has been amazing and helped him become the amazing kid he is today. Because of Halsey he has learned his numbers, letters, manners, and empathy. I would highly recommend this school to everyone with kids and he will definitely be going here until Kindergarten.

Albertine Vasandani

Recommending Mommy 4/2021

I very much appreciate the daily report cards. I read them out aloud when I get home and start of usually saying things like "Ate well and napped well - yay!" 🙂 I value those daily report cards a lot and love the care put into them. Being away from my little one while Mama has to work, these cards mean a lot. Writing these reports clearly is greatly appreciated too. Some times these are written in pencil, but I think if they could always be written in ink or felt pen, that would be great as pencil tends to fade. I also love the photos taken over the day and sent out, these are the best!! I love these captured of moments.


Appreciative Mommy 3/2021

The staff has been wonderful during the pandemic and the health of the staff and kids comes first. The school is consistently kept clean and sanitized. What I love the most is that they celebrate all major holidays with the kids and make it memorable for them where the kids can be kids given the current outside environment and that is important to see as a parent.

Mimi Tejada

Happy Mommy 2/2021

So far, Calving has been growing and learning more than we ever expected. He is very happy when we drop him off and pick him up. His teachers are informative and helpful. We couldn't be happier.

Gordon & Winston Olson-Duvall​

Happy Parents - 2/2021

Our daughter LOVES going to school and talks about it all week. Jennifer goes above and beyond to try to accommodate our schedule. Miss Linda is the most amazing teacher ever! She has had a hugely positive impact on our daughter’s development. Being enrolled at Halsey Schools feels like a having an extra support system. Thank you!!

Jennifer and Seth Bricklin

Ecstatic Parents! 2/2021

We love all the teachers! Thank you Ms. Elenita, Ms. Erica, Ms. Raquel for coming in extra early to watch our little one.


Up & at um parent 11/2020

Calvin is so happy when he comes home, and is now excited to go in the mornings.

Gordon Olson-Duvall

Excited Family 10/2020

I think Stella gets a good balance of academics and fun!

Christina Strozier

Happy Mommy 10/2020

Karina is adjusting well with the teachers and her new day care routine. She has developed a lot in the infant care program. The teachers have been really awesome and I would like to say a big thank you to all of them for caring for Karina the way they have since the school has reopened. Just one tiny thing I would like to provide some feedback on is that I would like to see more more pics of the little ones on the parent portal :). We really appreciate everything the school has been doing during this difficult times.

Harshul Laiwala

Happy Parent 9/2020

Very supportive very friendly, feel like a family.

Geoffrey Kater

Happy Parent 9/2020

Garrett is very happy and looks forward to going to preschool. Also, from my side as his parent, the team at Halsey are friendly and pay attention to minute details. All is appreciated!

Nathan Herkelrath

Appreciative Parent 9/2020

Taking amazing care of Sophie. Making sure she is safe, having fun and learning.


Happy Mommy 8/2020

I feel safe and confident with how careful, consistent, and responsible Halsey is being under these circumstances. And then additionally, you are all awesome as always!!


Happy Mommy 7/2020

We are extremely impressed on the extra precautions Halsey School is taking during these times. We are grateful that our daughter has such wonderful teachers that are caring and compassionate. We love Halsey School!

Alex Peterson

Impressed Mommy 7/2020

I am so impressed with the safety measures put in place to re-open. Also, it's been such a joy to see the positive and caring attitudes continue from the Halsey staff during sub-optimal conditions. I could not be happier with how everything has been handled.

Shannon Collins

Impressed & Happy Mommy 6/2020

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