Emergency Plan – Prepare, Plan & Practice

Emergency Plan

Teachers Trained and Prepared for Emergency Prevention, Preparation and Reaction

All teachers are CPR & First Aid Certified and have been trained in emergency and disaster preparedness as well as illness and disease prevention and control.  We provide a wide range of in-service training seminars, at least monthly, to keep certifications and training up to date and accurate.

We hold emergency drills regularly and post the dates on our calendars. Teachers are trained to remain calm and in control of the children and to follow specific documented procedures for safe exit and/or evacuation if needed. All teachers have been shown the location of and use of: fire extinguishers, gas, water and electrical shut off, smoke, carbon monoxide and  fire alarms,  and other emergency equipment. This plan document is posted by every telephone, HALSEY SCHOOLS EMERGENCY PLAN & NUMBERS 

Buildings Inspected & Maintained

In addition to our own inspection and maintenance, our buildings are regularly inspected by the Fire Department, the Health Department and the Department of Social Services for structural safety and to ensure our safety procedures are in place and that all safety devices like fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, etc. are properly maintained.

Supplies on hand

We stock extra water & food for children on solid foods. Infants need 2 wks of parent provided formula & baby food on hand at all times.

Evacuations Planned & Practiced

If needed we will evacuate to one of our other facilities or Saint Luke’s Church. If further evacuation is needed we would go to the nearest evacuation center as instructed by authorities. (Could be a hotel, mall, etc.)

Communication, Contacting

Messages will be sent in Brightwheel, social media or phone calls and emails.

We do everything we can to prevent and prepare for all emergencies.


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