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Infant Care Center Checklist

Welcome to Halsey Schools Infant Center ! Where Children LOVE to Learn & Teachers LOVE to Teach! The teachers and I are here every day with a smile, advice and a sympathetic ear.  All the teachers and I will become a part of your family and you a part of ours. We’ll quickly learn every quirk and preference your child has and we’ll give your baby tons of love and attention. Please give me a call at 818-992-1942 or schedule an online appointment to see what I mean. I hope to meet with you soon.

Your Child's Schedule is Our Schedule

You and your baby will love it here. Your baby will be held, cuddled, talked to & stimulated consistently by loving nurturing teachers trained in Early Childhood Development. They will help your infant develop early communication skills by using Baby Sign Language. You’ll receive daily written communication and are welcome to drop by or call anytime to chat with your child’s teachers.

We’ll follow this sample flexible schedule as a guideline that is adjusted for each child. We work closely with you to assure we follow your child’s schedule. And we adjust whenever possible to accommodate the needs of your child and your family.


Sample Schedule of Activities


Breakfast, quiet games & stories


Music & Movement


Sensory Stimulation & Manipulation




Outside Activities


Social interaction & Physical Development










Outside Activities






Quiet Games & Activities



You are encouraged to be as involved in school activities as much as you would like. Come in anytime to breastfeed, bottle feed, pump, hangout, read a story, play outside. Whatever you want. Join us for our many monthly parent involvement opportunities throughout the year.

6 wks - 18 mnths

Loving daily care Monday - Friday for your infants and Toddlers.

Interactive daily activities

Your child's daily activities will vary based on personal developmental needs. We encourage your child to explore, learn & master age appropriate skills.

Low Ratios

Our low ratios provide personalized attention and socialization. No more than 3/4-1 for our infants.

Come visit us!

When you visit Halsey Schools you and your child will feel comfortable and at home. You’ll feel confident and safe as you are greeted by each and every caring-qualified-smiling teacher.

Families Like Yours LOVE Us! You Will Too!

Halsey Schools is the best reviewed Woodland Hills Preschool & Infant Care

Loving Infant care and Preschool Woodland Hills
Teachers your family will LOVE! All your child's teachers at Halsey Schools are: Early Childhood Development Credentialed; CPR & First Aid Certified; Loving & Caring; Trained to educate both children and parents; Professional & Experienced. They'll make both you and your child happy every day! You’ll love our teachers as much as we do. They are the best!

Your Happy Infant

Your little one will get lots of love and attention. Your child’s teachers provide continual personal contact. Your baby will be held, cuddled, talked to and stimulated consistently.

At this age your child begins to crawl, sit up, creep, rock, climb up & down ramps and low steps and cruise. To stimulate this development we provide an atmosphere that encourages your child to explore. You will notice our facility is designed specifically with your little explorer in mind.

At this age your child begins to walk, slide, tumble, climb up, over and into things. Your child will be very busy collecting, filling and dumping things. Small muscle skills begin to develop as your child begins to explore; taking apart, staking, setting up and knocking down. As your child begins to understand words and directions, we stimulate development by providing a variety of opportunities to learn about choice and responsibility. Your child will most likely be promoted into our Toddler Program at around 18 months old.

Look what is happening!

Happy Times December 2022

Themes & Books This month we will learn about Bats, Bears, Mice, & Chipmunks. We will read Stellaluna, Bears Don’t Bounce, Little Mouse Biddle Mouse, & Discovering My World Chipmunks. | Are you reading at home every night? I hope so! Here are some sight words all our preschoolers will learn by the time they

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ages & stages of development

Assessment Time – Ages & Stages of Development

This month your child’s teachers are carefully observing your child to assess for appropriate developmental milestones. Children develop at their own pace so the criteria we follow offers a broad age range for each milestone. Some children might reach a designated milestone at 7 months old. But others might reach it at 4 months or

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Happy Times November 2022

Themes & Books This month we will learn about Elephants, Hippopotami, Zebras, & Seals. We will read The Saggy Baggy Elephant, Hattie Hippo, How the Zebra Got Its Stripes, & One Seal. | Do you have a book nook at home? Literacy skills like talking, signing, reading, writing and playing can all be nurtured at

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How to Acknowledge Instead of Praise

You’ve probably said “good job!” 1000s of times. I know I have. But there are better ways to offer acknowledgment and authentic support to your children. Narrate what you see When you make short objective statements like, “You painted a picture of a house,” or “You picked up the red block,” you are acknowledging your

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Infant Center Tuition

Ages 6 weeks to 18-20 months old. Low ratios at 3-4 children or less per teacher.



1 day / week

$825 / month

2 days / week

$1365 / month

3 days / week

$1905 / month

4 days / week

$2475 / month

5 days / week

$2575 / month

Registration & Discounts


Family Discount

Annual Materials & Supplies

$299 due only one time

Free Registration & 10% off of lower tuition.

$275 billed in September per Family. (See enrollment agreement for details) 

Tuition is based on your child’s age and is billed monthly in advance. The rates above are per month.  For example a 2 month old child attending 2 days per week anytime between 7:30-5:30 would be charged $1365 per month. Halsey Schools is open M-F 6:30-6:30 all year long. There is no additional charge to arrive as early as 7:30 a.m. Give us a call 818-992-1942.

I love teaching and spending my days with children
Ms. Jenni
Director & Owner

Registration & Discounts


Family Discount

Annual Materials & Supplies

$299 due only one time

Free Registration & 10% off of lower tuition.

$275 billed in September per Family. (See enrollment agreement for details)

When you are ready to started please visit our Enroll Your Child page. All you have to do is complete the paperwork and pay the registration and first month's tuition to get started. Any questions? Please give us a call 818-992-1942 or schedule your visit.
I love teaching and spending my days with children
Ms. Jenni
Director & Owner

You'll LOVE it here! Just pick your day & time.

Come visit us in person! In person visits are usually scheduled M-F 9:30-11:00. You should expect to spend about 1/2 hour with us or as long as you need. Please schedule your visit below or give us a call/email 818-992-1942 or [email protected] to schedule an after hours in person visit. I look forward to meeting you real soon. 🙂