Our Graduating Class 4-5 years old - Getting Ready for Kindergarten

About our Preschool & Busy Bees
  • Welcoming children ages 2-6 (Busy Bees 4-5)
  • Our Preschool ratio is 1:10-12.
  • There are 4 classrooms arranged by age. 
  • Hot lunches are available. See menu & Sign up at HalseySchools.com/lunch
  • Lunches from home, can not be heated up or refrigerated.  For warm foods some parents use a thermos or sign up for hot lunches.
Snack Menu Example
Bring your own or enjoy these examples. Actual snacks served may be different. We often use leftovers from lunch, parent provided snacks and substitutions as needed. Water is always served.

Loving, Caring Busy Bee Teachers

Ms Diana
Ms. Diana

Children are a delight to be around. Being around them is a great reminder that...

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Woodland Hills Private Preschool Teacher
Ms. Cindy

I LOVE providing children with simple hands on activities to help them learn, grow and...

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Ms Ana teaching is wonderful and rewarding
Ms. Ana

I love working with children. Children are precious, lovable, and adorable. Children are fun to...

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Mr Jeri Preschool Early Childhood Teacher
Ms. Jeri

I love seeing how children grow and learn. It feels great to watch children grin...

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