Visiting & Enrolling

Enrollment applications are accepted year round. Packets can be completed completed online.  | Spaces open up year round as children are promoted from one classroom or program to the next.

The earlier you sign up the better. Children on our waiting list always have priority. | Spaces can also be reserved ahead of time by paying the registration fee and the first month of tuition in advance. For example, if you are interested in starting three months from now, we can reserve the space, if it will be available, today.

Please call 818-992-1942 to find out what openings/start dates we currently have available.

– Your child, if you would like
– A mental or prepared list of questions you have


Ready to enroll?
– Enrollment Forms
– Check or ACH information for registration fee and first month of tuition. Credit Cards accepted too but we prefer ACH. Banks change us a lot of money for Credit Card transactions. 

Absolutely! Your child is welcome to visit too. It’s up to you.


Visits are usually scheduled M-F 9:00-11:00. You should expect to spend about 1/2 hour visiting. You are always welcome to stay longer. Your child is welcome to visit too. Please schedule your visit online HERE or give us a call 818-992-1942.

Currently enrolled families are welcome to drop in anytime.


Visits usually last about 1/2 hour. You are welcome to stay longer if you like. We can also speed up the visit for you. It’s up to you.


It’s easy! Just fill out the Enrollment Forms. Then fax, email or bring them in with a credit card or check for the registration fee and first month of tuition.


Children's Needs

All of us at HALSEY SCHOOLS do our best to keep you informed. This website is just one of the ways we strive to keep you up to date. We send important information and pictures using our Sandbox Parent Portal too. You can also follow us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER. And look for signs and postings in each classroom. Every month you’ll find a new newsletter here which you can also subscribe to. You can also speak to any of the teachers at anytime, set up conferences, call us, email us. The options seem endless.

• Daily Written Reports
• Ask a Teacher
• Regular Assessments & Conferences
• Discovery Weeks & Report Cards
• Call, email, IM us, Drop in anytime
• Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Sandbox Parent App

Reminders and Emergency Notifications:

Emergency only:

    • Online signup:
    • Text Signup: text “@emergency” to 81010 or 512-982-9350
    • It’s a good idea to have a friend or family member out of state sign up for this one.

 Learn about our EMERGENCY PLAN HERE.

Every child has their own cubby and infants & toddler have their own refrigerator space. Please bring:

Please label everything. 

  • Change of clothes & shoes
  • Small crib sheet & blanket 
  • No pillows please
  • Sack lunch/sign-up for hot lunch
  • Backpack and/or carrying bag
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Please do not send car seats
  • Summer add towel, water shoes, hat, sunglasses sun block & swimsuit/diaper

Additions for Infants & Toddlers

  • Diapers & wipes, 2+ changes of clothes
  • Sippy cups, bottles, food etc

We recommend the children be dressed in comfortable, washable clothing and Velcro
strapped shoes that adapt well to food spills, paint, sand, water play and more. Your child’s clothes will get ‘dirty.’ Extra labeled clothes are a must. Please do not send children to school in:

  • Flip Flops or Crocs (closed toed/strapped sandals o.k. >3 yrs.) 
  • One Piece Outfits (infants o.k.)
  • Formal Outfits, High heel shoes
  • Bathing suits unless summer
  • Jewelry (dangerous, may be lost)
  • Overalls during potty training
  • Overnight diapers

Absolutely. All children & teachers must be immunized following the CDC’s Immunization Schedule. Parents must keep the office informed of updates as they occur by providing a copy of the Yellow Immunization Card.


  • If a child has a food allergy, all employees are informed and we make note of the allergy on our allergy document hung by food & snacks.  Parents can also let us know  if they want us to ONLY serve food provided by the parents. 
  • If a child has a severe allergy and requires an EpiPen,  parents must provide the EpiPen and complete Parent Consent For Administration of Medications LIC 9221. All teachers are trained to use EpiPens and will be informed of the allergy.

  • Absolutely. Parents can drop in anytime and breastfeeding is welcome.


Policy, Plans, Procedures

Sign in/out stations are provided in each building and every child must be signed in/out everyday. You can also sign in/out on your phone. Only people on your authorized  pick up list are allowed to pick up your child. If you will be sending someone else to pick up your child, we will need a note from you and the person picking up will be asked for i.d.

  • YES! Please text, use the app, email, write us a note or give us a call. Preschool children should be at school by 9:00.

Yes, with a doctor’s note or prescription. Please complete the medication form weekly. If a child has a fever, we cannot administer medication and he/she cannot come to school. He/She needs your special love and attention. Please bring the medication in to the school yourself and hand directly to an adult. Never give it to the child or leave it in his/her bag etc.

You can drop off anytime after we open, but we do recommend being on campus by 9:00 so no one misses out on the learning fun!


If you need to keep your child here later (not after 6:30) on an emergency basis, please give us a call or a note. The charge will only be $15 an hour. After 6:30 late fees start at $2 per minute. Regular late fees after 12:30 and 3:00 are $15 per 15 minutes. You may want to change your child’s schedule if you find you can not make your pickup time.


Of course! You are always welcome to attend field trips or visit the school at anytime. Field Trips are open to children 3 years old and potty trained. Halsey T-Shirt & permission slip required.

Yes! Outgrown toys & clothes get an exciting new life in our classrooms. Please take a look at our parent requested wish lists posted in the classrooms. The children love ordinary household items you might toss out; suits, ties, dresses, handbags, spoons… We can always use: empty paper towel rolls, empty toilet paper rolls, ‘G’ rated magazines…



At Halsey Schools we use a positive and proactive approach to discipline. Read our detailed plan HERE.

All teachers are CPR & First Aid Certified and have been trained in emergency and disaster preparedness as well as illness and disease prevention and control. We provide a wide range of in-service training seminars, at least monthly, to keep certifications and training up to date and accurate. Prepare, Plan & Practice; read our detailed plan here.

Illness Free Zone! If sick stay home. At Halsey Schools we follow this strict illness policy to help keep your child from getting ill too often. Wash, Clean, Sanitize. Stay home if ill. Read our detailed policy here. 

We follow our Early Childhood Development Hands-On Curriculum.

Based on this hands-on curriculum, your child’s teachers design their own lesson plans geared toward the specific needs of each age group. Their plans are posted on the parent information board after they are approved by Jenni. Lessons are then further tailored on the fly based on the individual children and the day.  The lesson plans are designed to give your child the opportunity to experience successes helping them grow physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. We will help your child develop his/her own sense of self confidence and help emphasize unique strengths and abilities. 

You can find specifics under links on your child's class page under Happy Families.  

Schedules & Calendars

You are welcome to visit the classrooms at any time. Come eat lunch with us. Drop by and tell us a story or show us something special. Or just take a break, have a seat, and enjoy the children. Signup to volunteer here. Every month you are always invited to attend our optional field trip for 2-6 year olds and enjoy one of our Annual Events:

Each Classroom has their Schedule posted under the Happy Families Menu. In addition, you’ll find curriculum information, newsletters, lunch & snack menus etc. Please check it out.

Halsey Schools is open M-F 6:30-6:30 year-round & only closed about 9 times a year on national Holidays: Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Martin Luther King Jr., Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day

Bring your own or enjoy these. (Actual snacks served may be different)

Yes! The learning fun doesn’t end at Halsey Schools; The summer is when it really takes off! We will have tons of fun summer activities like water play, field trips (3 years+), bouncer parties, picnics, snow cone party, pony rides, dress up days and continued hands-on learning at Camp Halsey.

Currently enrolled families automatically continue for the summer. New families can start at anytime as long as space is available. Hours remain the same Monday through Friday 6:30-6:30.


Teacher Education & Information

We all follow this Mission Statement

Interactively teach children with love, compassion, joy, wonder and excitement in a safe, secure, encouraging, happy environment where parents and co-workers learn appropriate behavior and child development techniques from our actions too.

  • Always teach children and parents with a smile
  • Alway greet children and parents by name with a smile
  • Always encourage and share your ideas with co-workers and parents
  • Always be positive and reassuring
  • Always get to know each individual child’s personality, special needs and quirks
  • Always keep learning and improving yourself

Questions Halsey Schools’ teachers are always asking themselves:

  • Am I doing something now that will make a parent refer Halsey Schools to a friend?
  • Is a child, parent or teacher learning from what I’m doing now?
  • Am I smiling?
  • Am I being friendly?

Halsey Schools = Learning 

Our low ratios provide consistent personal interaction and group socialization. There are no more than 3-4 children per teacher in the Infant Center, 6-8 in the Toddler Center and 10-12 in the Preschool.


All teachers hold their Early Childhood Development Credential and are certified in CPR and First Aid. Every classroom uses co-teaching instead of teachers and aides. We do not have less qualified aides or assistants. Everyone is a fully qualified teacher. Learn more about our teachers at the Happy Teachers Menu Link above.

Absolutely. Every teachers goes through a complete finger printing and background check through the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). All our teachers have squeaky clean records, years of experience and excellent educational and personal qualifications.

Children learn and develop by doing. Children learn best through interactive hands-on activities in a structured yet flexible environment. Read more here. 

Tuition & Billing

Tuition is paid monthly in advance on the 20th of each month with electronic ACH checks. You never have to worry about forgetting to pay or paying late. And we can focus our attention on the program and our children. 

(We prefer ACH but will take credit cards if absolutely necessary. Credit card companies charge us a lot of  money to process payments. Eliminating that cost gives us more money for your children and the teachers.)

Excellent Care & Education

  • Excellent Care and Education for the hours and days you selected.
  • Fully qualified-credentialed loving & caring teachers.
  • All on campus visitors and activities.
  • Open door policy; come in and visit us anytime.
  • Daily snacks are provided for infants that are eating solid food and older.

Optional Additional Cost Items

  • Lunches are available for children ages 18 month at an additional cost.
  • Field trips are available for children ages 3 to 6 years old at an additional cost.
  • Enrichment classes like Soccer, Dance, Keyboards, Karate

Yes you can. If you pay 6 or 12 months in advance by check or cash you can receive a discount of:

  • 2% for 6 months (.02)
  • 5% for 12 months (.05)

Monthly billing is billed automatically through a checking account. 

All statements are available online on our Parent Portal. Once enrolled, you will receive an email invitation to sign-up for online account access at There you’ll be able to communicate with us, access your statements, update phone numbers, emergency contacts and create your sign in/out pin. If you haven’t received one yet, just let us know. Parent Portal Instructions.



Halsey Schools is completely independent and is family owned and operated by wife and husband Jenni and Bobby. Jenni is the Director running the day to day operations. Bobby runs the website, marketing, and business side. Bobby started working at Halsey Schools with his parent founders Richard & Judy Halsey when he was just a youngster. Jenni & Bobby fell in love in high school then Jenni joined the family and started teaching too! Jenni took over as the director in 1989. Richard is retired and Judy passed away in 2015. Her legacy lives on through all of us. Halsey Schools is open Monday through Friday 6:30 – 6:30 year-round and is only closed about 9 times a year on national Holidays.

We currently have one location in Woodland Hills, CA 91364 near Warner Center.

Halsey Schools started in 1978 and is family owned and operated. Learn more about us here.