Roseola – What is it? How to avoid & cure it.

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Roseola is a highly contagious virus that many infants under three years old can catch, but is most common in infants under age one. Roseola is generally a non-eventful childhood illness. Once it has run its course, it usually goes away without any further complications.

The first symptom you will notice in your child is an unexplained very high fever. The fever can be as high as 104 to 106 degrees, which is very distressing. The fever can last from one to five days and then disappear. Within twenty four hours later a rash will appear on the neck, upper arms and the trunk, and then spread to the face and legs. Your baby may also get diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

You will notice swollen lymph glands under the baby’s neck. You may notice the symptoms of the common cold such as runny nose, loss of appetite, irritability, and sore throat. When the rash subsides, all the other symptoms will leave also. The total duration of all symptoms is usually 7 to ten days. What makes the spread of this infection hard to control is the fact that a child can be infectious with it for 10 days prior to getting a fever and for five days after the fever is gone.

According to our Illness Policyif your child shows symptoms, he/she will need care at home away from other children until a doctor diagnoses the rash and provides a return authorization. It is up to your child’s teachers and directors to decide if a child is ready to come back. Please call the school before returning to assure your child will not be turned away when you come to school.

If your child will be out for any reason, please call or email us by 10:00 a.m.

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