Cold Sore. What is it? How to treat it.

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What is a Cold Sore?

Cold sores or fever blisters are a common viral infection. They are tiny, fluid-filled blisters on and around lips. They are often grouped together in patches. After the blisters break, a crust forms over the resulting sore. Cold sores usually heal in two to four weeks without leaving a scar.

Caused by the herpes simplex virus, cold sores spread from person to person by close contact.

How to treat cold sores

There is no cure but antiviral medication can help the healing. Cold packs can help relieve pain. It’s a good idea to visit your child’s pediatrician to verify the cause and get the best advice.

According to our Illness Policyif your child shows symptoms, he/she will need care at home away from other children until blisters have scabbed over. This usually takes a minimum of 6 days to two weeks. It is up to your child’s teachers and directors to decide if a child is ready to come back. Please call the school before returning to assure your child will not be turned away when you come to school.

If your child will be out for any reason, please call or email us by 10:00 a.m.

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