Corporate Chain or Family Owned & Operated?

Milestones for your Four year old child in daycare

Since 1978 Halsey Schools has been family owned & operated. As you start to visit preschools and daycare centers you’ll notice some are owned by large corporate chains and others are owned and operated by local families like yours. Your choice depends on your preference. Corporate franchised child care can have bureaucracies to deal with. While family owned preschools have owners who are easily accessible.

With on site owners you can get quick decisions and answers to your questions without the need to check with headquarters in some other state. You’ll be able to provide your feedback on ways to improve and see your ideas implemented. You’ll become a part of the program, a part of the family, not simply a guest or patron. So you guessed it we think family ownership and operation have many advantages over corporate run facilities. What do you think?

Robert Rice - Owner


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