It’s easy to put children to sleep when you follow a routine

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If you’ve ever been to Halsey Schools during nap time you know how easy we make it look. The Secret?  A successful nap and bedtime is easy when you follow a consistent schedule and routine. Here’s how to do it in your home:


Follow a calming routine at the same time every day

    • Have a bottle (But don’t sleep with it)
    • Warm Bath
    • Clean diaper
    • Darken room
    • Swaddle or cuddle up in a soft blanket
    • Pacifier (If your child uses one)
    • Rock baby in arms
    • Play or sing lullabies
    • Lightly rub baby’s cheeks & bridge of nose
    • Gently place baby in crib on his/her back (Infants should never sleep on tummy or share a bed with an adult)

Toddlers & Preschoolers

Follow a calming routine at the same time every day about 45 minutes before your child should be sleeping

    • Eat lunch or dinner
    • Take a Warm Bath
    • Go potty
    • Darken room
    • Get comfortable (take off shoes, wear pj’s… )
    • Cuddle up with favorite blanket and/or stuffed toy
    • Play a quite game
    • Read books
    • Play or sing lullabies
    • Rub child’s back
    • Leave room with a final ‘sleep tight’

Providing a calming routine like these will create loving bonds that will help everyone sleep better and put a smile on everyone’s face at wake up time.  Make up your own routine and see for yourself.

Sleep tight.

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