Playing with bubbles is more fun that staring at a screen!

Bubble fun

What do children learn when they play with bubbles?

When children blow, pop, and chase bubbles they develop their small and large motors skills, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. They learn about cause and effect, shapes and sizes, vocabulary: wet, sticky, cold, pop & popped, chase… They learn about science and explore their imagination and creativity. They learn about cooperation and taking turns. And they have fun!!!

The Best Bubble Solution

You need:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1/3 cup Joy or Dawn dish soap
  • 1 T corn syrup

Carefully mix but don’t shake.

Bubble Painting

You need:

  • Bubbles, wands, straws, blowers…
  • Paper
  • Food Coloring
  • Containers
  1. Distribute bubble solution into containers and add different food coloring colors to each. Now blow different colored bubbles on the paper. Pop them with your hand, blow them out or wait for them to pop themselves.
  2. Place paper on a table the put containers of colored bubbles on the paper. Blow in the containers with a straw to make the bubbles overflow on the paper. Move the containers around to make beautiful art.

Water Bottle Bubble Makers

You need:

  • Bubble Solution
  • Empty water bottles – various sizes
  • Scissors , knife or razor blade for parents only
  1. Cut a small clean hole in the bottom of the bottle. Take remove the bottle lid. Dip the lid portion into the bubble solution and blow bubbles from the bottom hole you created. Try different sized bottles – are the bubbles different?
  2. Cleanly cut off the bottom of a bottle. (It must be clean to avoid cuts and bubbles from popping immediately.) Dip one end or the other on the solutions. Blow from the other end. Try it the other way. What happens?

Bubble Relay

Everyone gets a bubble wand and bubbles. Stand in a line. The first person blows a bubble and passes it to the next person. If the bubble pops, the first person must blow another bubble and pass it again. Predict how many people can pass the bubble without breaking it. Try to beat your family record the next time.

Bubble Tag

“It’s” tag with bubbles instead of touching. The bubbles must actually land on the other play for the tag to be successful.

Tiny Bubbles & HUGE Bubbles

Make tiny bubbles with a single straw or tape a bunch together. Make giant bubble with a hula hoop and a kiddie pool! You’ll need a lot of solutions but its fun! Have your child stand inside the hula hoop. It’s a blast!

Why is playing with bubbles better than staring at a screen?

  • It’s Interactive – not passive
  • It encourages movement – not sitting
  • It is Magical  – not boring
  • It is scientific
  • It is just good old fashioned fun!

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