Setting Goals with Your Preschooler

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With our encouragement and support children can achieve a lot. At birth children have a built-in set of goals; scoot, crawl, roll over, hold self up, walk… It is important to help your child learn to identify goals and work towards achieving them. Working towards goals will help your child understand there are rewards and there a consequences. Sometimes we meet our goals, sometimes we exceed them and sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we don’t reach them. The key is to not give up and always learn from our mistakes. If we keep setting and reaching for our goals, in the end there will be more successes than failures.

How to help your child learn about goals

  • Use the word Goal
  • Encourage your child to set their own goals. Sometimes parents tend to tell their child what goal to achieve. Instead when the opportunity arises ask your child what she would do differently next time. Then say that sounds great! Would you like to make that a goal?
  • Make sure goals are simple and appropriate for your child.
  • Enthusiastically encourage your child to reach the goals.
  • When goals are met celebrate and enjoy!
  • Set your own goals and talk about them regularly. For example say “I’ve set a goal this week to eat more vegetables.”
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