We use Sign Language with your baby everyday

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Images from © 2016 babysignlanguage.com. Download your free Baby Sign Language Chart

We use these signs everyday. Do you know what they mean?

How to use Baby Sign Language

How to use & teach signing with your baby

  • Learn the signs above using this free Baby Sign Language Chart and/or visiting BabySignLanguage.com
  • Make it fun. Sign while saying the word. Repeat signs over and over and sign often.
  • When your baby signs, say & sign the word and act on it.
  • Celebrate, recognize and acknowledge when your baby signs.

Why you should sign with your baby

  • Your six month old baby can start to communicate personal needs with signs instead of cries.
  • Your baby may speak earlier, have a larger vocabulary & higher IQ if you sign together.
  • Your baby will feel more secure & content when communicating clearly with signs.
  • Your baby will establish closer bonds & connections with you and other adults that sign with them.
  • You’ll feel happier & less stressed when you know what your baby is communicating.
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