Are you violating the new booster car seat law?

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Most parents move their children into booster seats or regular car seats too early. Don’t be one of them.


As of January 1, 2012, a new California law requires any child under the age of 8 and under 4-feet 9-inches (57″) tall to ride in a booster seat.

The old law required the booster until 6 years old or 60 pounds. This is an improvement since size matters more than weight, however, we recommend taking it further on your own:

  • Children should always be in the back seat until at least 12 years old
  • Use a rear facing car seat as long as possible – until your child out grows the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Children should not be moved into a booster seat until they weigh at least 40 pounds
  • Children should only be out of a booster when (usually between about 10-12 year old):
    • knees bend at the edge of the seat cushion
    • lap belt fits over the thighs (not the abdomen),
    • shoulder belt crosses the shoulder or collar bone (not the neck)
    • back sits firmly against back rest
    • position can be maintained throughout the trip

The CHP says parents who do not properly secure their children in the mandatory booster seat may face  fines at a minimum of $475 and one point on their driving record.

The safest place for your child is in the back seat in a rear facing car seat or booster seat.  

Click here for more information: Booster-Seat-Law-Woodland-Hills-CA

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