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Take your preschooler to the polls

This month we’ll be learning about voting at school. One of the best ways for your child to learn about voting for president is for you to take him or her with you to the voting booth. Or if you fill out a mail-in ballot, have your child sit with you as you fill it out and help you mail it. It’s never too early to learn about democracy.


Teach your children about voting

It’s easy to put the 2012 election into terms preschoolers can understand:

  • The President of the United States is the boss of America.
  • Americans decide who will be President by voting on the person they want to be the boss.
  • There are two main people running for President: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.
  • We vote by filling out a form that no one else can see.
  • The votes are all counted to see who wins.

Put voting into action at home

There are all kinds of things you can vote for at home and all kinds of methods.

You can vote by:

  • secret ballot
  • a raise of hands
  • saying yes or no

You can vote for:

  • what’s for dinner
  • which game to play
  • what to do first – take a bath or brush your teeth

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