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This month we will learn about Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT/Paramedics, Judges. We will read Police Officer on Patrol, Firefighter Ted, Paramedics, and Judges & Courts. It is going to be another safe and fun month!


Wear it: 11/2 A blue shirt | 11/9 A yellow shirt | 11/17 A red shirt | 11/23 A robe like a judge

Julie Lilly Photography Pictures: 11/4 Infants and Toddlers | 11/5 Preschoolers. You will receive a signup form to request your preferred package, however if you don’t turn one in, your child’s picture will still be taken and you can choose a package later.  Sample Envelope and prices.

School Closed 11/11: Veterans Day. Be safe and have some fun and let our veterans know they are appreciated. | 11/25-26: Have a safe Thanksgiving.

Staff Development Training 11/16 & 11/17: Encouraging Early Reading and Writing Development. | Every month our teachers learn something new, takes a look at something old from a new perspective, reinforces and reinvigorates previous education and training, or just have some hands-on fun through our regular training programs. |  Learn more about our happy teachers here.

Friendsgiving Celebration 11/19: A very special children only Thanksgiving celebration with our friends.  Teachers will send home a notice to let you know what to bring.

Assessments 11/22:  You will receive your child’s written assessment. This month your child’s teachers have been  carefully observing your child to assess for age appropriate developmental milestones. Children develop at their own pace so the criteria we follow offers a broad age range for each milestone. Some children might reach a designated milestone at 7 months old. But others might reach it at 4 months or 10 months.  If you would like to schedule a TELEPHONE conference with your child’s teachers, sign up here:


New FAQs added to How we are keeping children, parents and teachers safe.

How can we travel and return safely?

Please advise us of your travel plans so we can consult you on what needs to be done for your child to return to school. At minimum:

  • If your child travels out of state by air, he/she will need to get a Negative Covid-19 test result before returning to school.
  • If your child  will be gathering or traveling with others outside of your household, make sure you know who he/she will be seeing and verify they haven’t had any symptoms or positive tests or been in contact with anyone who has symptoms or positive tests for 10 days. If you or they have, don’t gather or travel. 
  • If your child gathers or travels with others, please stay in contact with fellow party goers to make sure no one has any symptoms or confirmed COVID-19 cases. If they do, your child must quarantine and test. 
  • As always if your child or anyone in the household has any symptoms stay home and let us know.

Allergies or COVID? Who knows? Can my child come to school with allergies?

Since the symptoms are basically the same: 

  • Stay home from school
  • Consult your child’s pediatrician
    • Has your child had seasonal allergies before?
    • Itchy watery eyes too?
    • Sneezing?
    • Fever?( No fever with allergies)
    • A tickle in the throat?
  • Get a COVID test

Once your child has been cleared by the pediatrician as only having allergies and as long as the symptoms do not get worse or additional symptoms do not come up, your child is all clear to come to school with a Doctor’s note confirming allergies and nothing else. 

How should we handle Holiday Gatherings?

The safest celebrations are with the people we live with. Anything more is risky. The more travel, the more risk. The more people, the more risk. The more time, the more risk. The less time outdoors and more time indoors the more risk. The less mask wearing and social distancing, the more risk. 

If you will be gathering with others outside of your household make sure you know who you will be seeing and verify those that can be are COVID vaccinated AND they haven’t had any symptoms or positive tests or been in contact with anyone who has symptoms or positive tests for 10 days. If you or they have, don’t gather. 

If you had or attended any sort of gathering (outside the people you live with) please stay in contact with your fellow party goers to make sure no one has any symptoms or confirmed COVID-19 cases. If they do, you and your family must quarantine and test. 

Please continue to keep us informed if you plan to or do travel or gather with others outside of your household. 

Remember – The safest celebrations are with the people we live with.


Holiday Plans:  At Halsey Schools we understand the importance of family togetherness. As a result, whenever possible we like to give our teachers special time to spend with their families. The Holiday Season provides an excellent opportunity to do so.  In order to plan for this, we need your help. Please complete What are your Holiday Plans

Immunizations: Please make sure to keep up with your child’s immunizations and update the Sandbox Parent Portal whenever your child gets a vaccine.

Rain – Dropping off and picking up in the rain: INFANT & TODDLER CENTER: If it is raining, take your child directly to the appropriate door. At pickup go back to the same door. Please always remain outside. Teachers will help children wash their hands inside. PRESCHOOL: If it is raining, use the front stairs and office entry and stay in the office.

Hot Beverages:  As the days and mornings become cooler, please remember to keep coffee and other hot beverages off campus..  For safety reasons, there is no drinking of hot beverages allowed on any of Halsey Schools grounds, or on any Halsey Schools trips or other events. If you would like to drink hot beverages, please do so off campus or before coming dropping off or picking up your child.

Sheets & Blankets: All children must have a sheet & blanket for nap time everyday.  Please make sure to send a sheet & blanket at the start of the week.  Please have your child’s name printed on them.  Thank you!

Fall/Winter change of clothes: Please make sure your child has a weather appropriate change of clothing. 

COVID Prevention: For the safety of the children, we are still wearing masks inside & parents can come into the school by appointment only with masks on and proof of immunization. Keep following our important illness & safety protocols at home and we’ll do the same at school.

Drop off and pick up: 7:30-5:30 remains the same with masks on for parents, teachers and children 2+ | Self home checks and staying home when ill remains the same. | Children 2+ will no longer be required to wear masks during outside playground time and neither will teachers. However, masks are still required inside all the time and outside for pickup and drop off. 

We don’t expect any other major changes until we receive the all clear from the Department of Social Services and The County Of Los Angeles Department Of Public Health Order Of The Health Officer. | How we are keeping children, parents and teachers safe click here.

Illness Policy: We follow a strict written Illness Policy 

  • All families & teachers self-check at home and are checked before entry for any signs of illness. Temperatures are checked. Anything >100° stays home. All illnesses stay home.
  • Any COVID-19 symptoms require 1+ negative COVID-19 tests and/or 10-14 day quarantine and no symptoms. And administration/director approval. Read More
  • If your child visits a doctor for any illness, please ask for a return authorization note. Halsey Schools reserves the right to exclude a child from school at any time for any reason, even if a doctor or other recommends otherwise
  • If we have 3 or more children come down with something (other than COVID-19) we provide more information on the illness.
  • Stay home with your child if you, your spouse or anyone else who is in your home regularly like a nanny, grandparent, sibling, cleaning person or your child tests positive for COVID-19.  And notify us immediately.
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