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We’ve been learning a lot about taking care of our teeth this week and we had a blast when the Dentist came to visit! Here are some things you can do at home to reinforce and duplicate what we’re learning at school. These are simply starting points for you to expand upon and even create your own. Have fun and remember to let the children guide where this exploration takes you. Activities should be age appropriately adjusted so that all ages infants to preschoolers can participate.

Math Skills & Language Arts:

  • How many teeth are in your mouth?
  • How many in your Mommy’s mouth? Your Daddy’s?…
  • Can you see your pets teeth? How do they look different than yours? Bigger? Smaller? Sharper? Flatter?
  • What shape are teeth?
  • Do you know what a cavity is? What causes cavities? How can you prevent cavities?


Toothbrush Painting
All you need is an old toothbrush or two, some paint and some paper. Now paint with your toothbrush!

Paper Plate Mouth
All you need is a paper plate and tiny marshmallows. Have the children glue the teeth/marshmallows around the edge. When the glue is dry, fold the plate in half. You have a paper plate mouth! Now try it with big marshmallows!

Teeth Collage
Collect some magazines and newspapers and cut out peoples mouths. Paste them on a piece of paper for a teeth collage. Or cut out some faces and mouths and mix and match! It’s fun to see how different people can look!

Cooking Project:

Apple Smiles! Cut an apple into long thin slices for the lips. Spread peanut butter on one side of two apple slices for the gums. Place minimarshmallows onto the peanut butter of one slice for the teeth. Place the other apple slice, peanut butter side down onto the mini marshmallows. Your snack is smiling back at you!

Outdoor/PE/Gross Motor:

Play Red light green light but instead of saying red light or green light your smile means green and your frown means red!

Watch this video of Dr. Bjornbak visiting our preschool:


  • Teeth – dientes
  • Tooth – diente
  • Toothbrush – cepillo de dientes
  • Dental Floss – hilo dental
  • Dentist – dentista
  • Gums – las encías

 Read Some Great Books:

Learning never stops. Everywhere you look and everywhere you go there are always learning opportunities for children and adults. Keep your eyes and ears open and always be willing to stop and explore.

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