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Have fun with your child in the rainPlay & Learn in the rain!

Rain is a novelty in Woodland Hills. Don’t hide inside and wait for it to go away, make the most of it; head outside for some learning fun!

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Just go outside already!

You really don’t have to do anything special. Just go outside and play. Yes you too. Don’t just watch your children do it, you do it too. It’s a lot of fun! Trust me. The more you interact the more fun it is for everyone.

  • Feel the rain drop on your face and hands
  • Look for puddles and splash away
    • Count the puddles
    • See who can make the biggest splash
    • Splash each other
  • Catch the rain on your tongue, in a bucket, a cup
    • Measure it
    • Weigh it
    • Taste it
    • Freeze it
  • Hunt for Worms, Frogs, Tadpoles, Birds…
    • Hold the worms and watch them wiggle. Can you wiggle like the worm?
    • Can you hop like a frog?
  • Listen to the rain
    • Does it make different sounds depending on where it lands?
  • Look for the sun to come out
    • Hunt for a rainbow – what colors do you see?
    • Is there really a pot of gold at the end?

What to wear

  • Your regular cloths & shoes. No umbrella or no jacket,  just get soaked!
  • Rain boots, hooded jacket, umbrella.
  • Put on a fancy dress or outfit and try it!
  • Wear your bathing suit!
  • Go for a swim in a pool or spa.

Time To Dry off & Warm up

  • Change out of your wet cloths, dry off and warm up with some hot chocolate or warm milk and cookies.
  • Read some fun books together about rain.

Rain, Water & Cold Myths Debunked

  • You can not catch a cold from cold weather or the rain.
  • Getting wet doesn’t make you sick, give you the sniffles or a cough.

Great preschool books about rain


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