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Halsey Schools Preschool Infant & Toddler Care in Woodland Hills

We all know that if a bridge is not structurally sound, it will eventually collapse.  Likewise, if relationships are not built on a sturdy foundation, they too will fail.

Sometimes parents and teachers can be intimidated by each other.  But by willingly beginning the home/school relationship with an open, sharing approach, we can build trust.  Then, when issues arise-even sticky ones-we can talk about them without hesitation.

All of us at Halsey Schools do our best to keep you informed.  Our website & blog is just one of the ways we strive to keep you up to date. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. And look for signs and postings in each classroom. Every month you’ll find a new online newsletter which you can also subscribe to.  You can also speak to any of the teachers at anytime, set up conferences, call us, email us. The options seem endless.

Please feel welcome to visit the classrooms at any time.  Come eat lunch with us.  Drop by and tell us a story or show us something special.  Or just take a break, have a seat, and enjoy the children. Many parents come in to read a story just before they pickup. It’s fun for everyone.

Clearly, ongoing interaction and support from both families and staff make the connection between home and school a two-way street.  You can help by sharing information about your child with us.  Especially during any crisis or period of change, when children are under stress and act or react differently, please keep us informed.  Obvious times include a change in jobs, a move to a new house, or an illness or death in the family, but they also could involve the child experiencing nightmares, making changes in eating habits, and stopping or starting medication.  Of course, anything you share with a member of our staff will be held in confidence.

In turn, we’ll alert you to anything out of the ordinary that we might notice in your child while at school. By sharing information we will build a bridge strong enough to support our children.

Welcome to Halsey Schools. We’re glad to have you join our family!

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