Make this a habit

Read together often

The single most important thing we can do to help our children develop the knowledge they need to become successful readers is to read aloud with them often; beginning when they are babies. Reading with your child at least every night at bedtime, is a good start. When reading books is a regular part of family life, you send your child a message that books are important, enjoyable and full of new things to learn.

Make reading together a habit

Read together often everyday. Build a routine that works for you but make it a habit. You can read at bedtime. You can read at wakeup time. You can read anytime in between. Just read.

  • Encourage your child to choose the book.
  • Read in short increments and build to longer reading sessions as your child’s attention span increases.
  • Ask your child to help turn the pages and hold the book.
  • Point to the words as you read them.
  • Have books ready to go for you to read or for your child to ‘read.’ Children love to look at the books, words and pictures to start on their reading journey.
  • Place reading materials around the house for easy access: Books, magazine, and newspapers (if you can find any.)

At Halsey Schools we read together many times a day. Children have direct open access to their own hands-on library in every classroom to read on their own. Please keep it up at home too. Read, Read and Read some more!

Jenni Rice - Owner & Director
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