Is your preschooler a giver?

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Mine! Mine! Mine!

It’s not easy for preschoolers to share. But sharing and giving can help build your child’s sense of self-esteem and pride. It’s a vital life skill that encourages thinking about others and putting their needs or feelings above our own. Fortunately, giving and sharing comes with a built in reward system; It just feels good to do it. So teaching it can be a morale booster for everyone involved. Here are ways you can help your children learn how to be givers.

Simple ideas to teach your children how to be givers

  • Visit a local retirement center. This is so simple and brings so much joy to the grandparents of the world. Just walk through the hallways saying hello. You’ll see lots of smiles and tons of joy! It will warm your heart.
  • Has it been a while since you’ve seen a family friend or relative? Write a note together that will make that person feel loved. Add a picture or two. Then go to the mailbox and mail it together.
  • Help your child pick out an outgrown toy or book and give it to a friend, neighbor, local charity or preschool.
  • Secret giving – Make some cookies and ding-dong ditch them on a neighbors porch. (Put them on the porch, ring the bell and run!)
  • Pickup trash on your street, the beach, the park.
  • Involve your older children in where or how to give. Does your preschooler love the zoo? Maybe giving to the zoo would be a good idea. Giving money can be a hard concept for preschoolers to grasp. When you drop a quarter in the can they see the final destination as the can. If you want to really drive home where something is going deliver it directly. Bring food to a homeless shelter, dish out food, volunteer at the zoo or library…

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