QSLA Partnership – We are always improving.

QSLA Quality Teachers

What is QSLA – Quality Start Los Angeles?

Quality Start Los Angeles – QSLA is a county-wide Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) designed to empower early learning providers, like Halsey Schools, to build upon and improve the quality of care and education they provide.

We have partnered again this year with QSLA!

Quality early learning is invaluable. Your child’s brain grows faster during the first five years of life than at any other time. Our partnership with you & Quality Start Los Angeles – QSLA will help your children develop higher reading, math and critical thinking skills than their peers. Together, we will provide high-impact, high-quality early childhood development and care.

Teacher’s Continual Professional Development

Our partnership with Quality Start LA gives us access to a variety of professional development opportunities and resources that will help us to be even more effective early learning teachers & directors. I know, you think we are great already! But there is always room for improvement. We constantly push ourselves and reach for further development and refinement.

We’ve already participated in classes on Best Practices for STEAM. We learned some great new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activities and practices and incorporated them into our daily routines.

We also have personal coaches who help us set goals for ourselves, our classrooms, the children, family engagement and Halsey Schools as a whole.

We are partners with you too

You are your child’s first teacher and best advocate. Together we help each other support your child’s healthy growth and development. You are valuable to our program and we look forward to the day when we can get back to your participation in our on campus activities.

We will always improve & grow

At Halsey Schools, we are committed to providing high quality early education and care and continually improving our program. Our partnership with QSLA will help us be even better. We will always improve and grow.

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