Smush Painting

Halsey Schools Preschool Infant & Toddler Care in Woodland Hills

How to make a Smush Painting

You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Washable Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Scissors
  • Imagination & Creativity 🙂

Make your smush painting

  • Cut out optional shapes or use the paper as is
  • Place lots of different color blobs of paint all over the paper
  • Fold the paper in half
  • Press down all over
  • Open up the paper and amaze yourself with your creation

Talk about your smush painting

  • Does it look like anything to you?
  • What colors do you see?
  • Did any colors mix and make new colors?
  • How many blobs did you make?
  • How many blobs before you folded the paper? How many blobs after you folded the paper?
  • Does one side look just like the other side?

[quote author_name=”Jenni Rice” author_description=”Director & Owner” author_image=”” size=”small” style=”solid”] Pssst… Daddies, this makes a great Mother’s Day gift. Have fun!


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