Establish Your Social Distancing Routine

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Establish a Social Distancing Routine

Children LOVE routines. Routines provide order and consistency. Children are happier when they know what to expect. And it’s easier on you.

With all the changes going on lately our routines have disappeared. It’s time to establish new ones as best we can within our new parameters.

First and foremost stay home. Don’t meet up at the park. Don’t schedule playdates. Don’t have friends or family over. Don’t visit grandparents in person etc. Just stay home. But staying home doesn’t mean you can’t go outside!

If there is a slide or swing within view children can’t resist. Heck, neither can I! So for the time being, it is best to stay away from public slides, swings, climbing structures, etc. Enjoy family walks, hikes, rides and backyard play. But stay away from parks. And always keep 6 feet away from others.

Your new routine just needs to be consistent. I’d recommend following the same wake up and bedtime routine you were following before and will be following when we all get back to normal.

In between can be just about anything you want with scheduled breaks for snacks, lunch, naps, bathroom etc. Limit screen time. Lots of play and other hands on activities are always better.

Disinfecting Routine

People will often use sanitizing and disinfecting interchangeably. However they are different. Sanitization frees surfaces from dirt and reduces viruses. But disinfection destroys & kills viruses and helps prevent their growth.

It is important to disinfect using disinfection products according to their instructions. Some disinfectants have to sit on surfaces for 10 minutes before being wiped away. Other are quicker. So READ your label.

Walk around your house and see what people touch, sneeze and cough on. All those surfaces and things should be disinfected regularly. Things like door knobs, phones, ipads, remotes, countertops and of course everything in the bathroom.

Don’t forget about your car. Steering wheels, handles, children’s car seats, your keys, all need regular disinfecting.

Hand Washing Routine

Yes hands should be washed regularly even at home. When you wake up. After you use the bathroom. Before you cook or eat. After touching others. After wiping your nose or coughing or helping your children do the same. Hand washing is our best defense against viruses. You don’t need hand sanitizers. You just needs soap and water and 20 seconds. The water doesn’t even have to be hot.

If we stay home, establish new routines in between our old wake up and bedtime routines, disinfect and wash hands often, and keep smiling, we will get through this.

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