Can your 18-24 month old toddler do this?

18 months old Milestones

Can your eighteen month to two year old toddler do this?

  • throw a ball
  • try to walk up or down steps
  • show many emotions
  • enjoy nursery rhymes, songs, and finger plays
  • chew foods wellInfants, Toddlers Preschoolers can do lists
  • zip and unzip easy zippers
  • copy housework
  • point to up to five body parts
  • feel frustrated easily
  • use play dough, paint, paper
  • ride a small riding toy without pedals
  • turn familiar pictures right side up
  • use his or her own name
  • walk on a wide balance board
  • try to balance on one foot
  • wash and dry hands with help
  • listen to a short story
  • string large beads
  • say two-word sentences
  • unwrap packages or peel a banana, once started
  • use words that tell what people or things do
  • use words that tell about people and things
  • match sounds to animals
  • run fast
  • recognize self in photograph
  • try to comfort others
  • turn one page at a time
  • try to copy folding
  • enjoy water and sand play
  • do a one-to-three piece puzzle or form board
  • match pictures to real things
  • copy four words you say
  • try to jump in place
  • sing some words to songs

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