Does this sound like your four year old?

Milestones for your Four year old child in daycare

A typical four year old preschool child usually

  • Goes “out of bounds” easily in almost every direction – both with mind and muscles
  • Has high Motor drive; likes rough and tumble play
  • Is a great talker, exaggerates, boasts and is bossy
  • Likes old, new and different words, silly language, including profanity
  • Calls other children names
  • Asks many questions. Wants to know why and how.
  • Talks about becoming five years old
  • Likes to play cooperatively with 3 and 4 children.
  • Will exclude a third child sometimes
  • Has difficulty distinguishing between truth and fiction
  • Loves to defy mommy and daddy
  • Routines go more smoothly and independently
  • Has a strong sense of family and home
  • Can combine talking and activity at the same time like dressing, eating, etc.
  • Social; wants a playmate all the time
  • Can be cooperative, calm, imaginative, quiet but also bossy, assertive, noisy, silly, dogmatic.

Four year old preschool children like

  • Can you 4 year old do this?nonsense rhymes, nursery rhymes, tall stories, words and numbers
  • listening to familiar stories over and over again
  • dress up and true dramatic play
  • planning and carrying out excursion, trips and picnics
  • building things to can get into, like box houses, forts, and tents
  • manipulating large hunks of clay
  • carpentry
  • playing in mud and water
  • playing in groups

Four year old pre-kindergarten children need

  • to be allowed to test themselves
  • limits set and authority of adults
  • supervision even though he seems self-reliant
  • to interact with children at the same age and maturity level
  • variety but still love repetition
  • group play
  • supervision when using the bathroom because of curiosity
  • active play involving large muscle groups

You can help your four year old and yourself by

  • Being patient
  • Being in control
  • Always following through on what you say
  • Following through on consequences and enforcement

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