Can your 12 month to 18 month old baby do this?

1 yr old characteristics

Can your twelve month to eighteen month old baby do this?

  • move around the room
  • copy a few simple sounds or actions
  • use some gestures, such as waving
  • understand a few words
  • play simple pretend games
  • put something in and take it out of a container
  • move to music
  • use one-word sentences
  • play simple musical instruments
  • hand a toy to someone
  • play with others
  • help dress and undress self
  • roll a ballInfants, Toddlers Preschoolers can do lists
  • pour and splash water
  • use some words correctly, such as “mama,” “oh oh,” or “no”
  • enjoy looking at books
  • get a ball that rolls out of sight
  • enjoy doing the same thing over and over
  • walk upstairs with help
  • feel difference in temperature, taste, smell
  • try to sing songs
  • enjoy messy play, such as finger painting
  • point at or name familiar things
  • hug and kiss people they like
  • recognize self in mirror
  • stack two or more things
  • drink from a cup
  • turn two or three pages at a time
  • understand many words and simple directions
  • try to kick a ball
  • explore without putting things in mouth
  • show one body part
  • match same toys
  • push, pull, or carry toy while walking
  • put up to six large round pegs into a peg board
  • use a spoon to scoop

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