Can your 9-12 month old baby do this?

9 month old characteristics

Can your nine to twelve month old do this?

  • Understand familiar words
  • Pull up to stand but not get down
  • Explore what is in a container
  • Drop things into a small opening or container 9-12 month old Baby characteristics
  • Wave bye-bye
  • Crawl, scoot, creep, or move well from one place to another
  • Crawl around and over things
  • Crawl while holding something
  • Follow a few simple directions
  • Poke at holes with pointing finger
  • Look at pictures in a book
  • Begin to stoop
  • Try to roll a ball
  • Babble as if speaking a sentence or asking a question
  • Tear paper
  • Say a few words, but not perfectly
  • Copy new gestures
  • Turn a few pages in a hard-page book
  • Begin to scribble
  • Finger paint
  • Roll or push a ball
  • Spend longer doing one thing than she used to
  • Make a stack of two blocks
  • Show interest in things farther away than he used to
  • Help pull off simple clothing
  • Fit one thing into another
  • Know where familiar things are kept

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