Can your 5-9 month old baby do this?

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Can your five to nine month old do this?

  • look for things droppedInfants, Toddlers Preschoolers can do lists
  • uncover hidden things
  • drop things on purpose
  • hold a bottle*
  • play with paper
  • play with things by banging them together
  • sit in a highchair
  • change something from one hand to the other
  • eat some solid foods
  • reach out with one hand to pick something up
  • sit without support
  • support some weight when held in a standing position
  • babble a string of sounds
  • get into a sitting position
  • begin to copy a few familiar sounds
  • rock on hands and knees
  • copy some familiar actions
  • make noise with things on purpose
  • pick up small things and put into mouth
  • feed self finger foods
  • babble to show wants
  • copy some new sounds you make
  • take things out of containers
  • look at pictures when named
  • pick up, push, or shove large things
  • pull a string

* Make sure to hold and cuddle baby even when he can hold his own bottle. He needs your warmth and love. And remember-don’t put your baby to bed with a bottle. This can lead to ear infections, choking, or tooth decay.

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