Do you have a book nook?

Make a book nook and make your preschooler happy

Literacy skills like talking, signing, reading, writing and playing can all be nurtured at home with a book nook. We have book nooks in every classroom at Halsey Schools. Here’s how to make a book nook at home to provide your child with a quiet, comfortable space that nurtures learning.

How to make a book nook at home

Create a quiet, fun, well-lit space with soft comfy seating, pillows, rugs, lamps, music and book storage. A quiet corner, a window seat, a tent in the backyard, that secret ‘room’ in the closet under stairs all make great book nooks.

How to stock your book nook

  • Get lots of comfy pillows, chairs, blankets…
  • Books can be stored in shelves, baskets, boxes, buckets or whatever works for you.
  • Provide an assortment of reading materials for hand-on reading: magazines, newspapers, paper books, hardcover books, cloth books, board books with objects, numbers, animals and more.
  • Use and old phone, tablet, or whatever to easily play lullabies and other quiet, relaxing music.

How to use the book nook

  • Family reading time. Read stories aloud and share family stories. Remember when we did that? When I was young I used feel that way too. Enhance conversations by asking who, what, why, where, how.
  • Make up a story based upon a picture or object ( a teddy bear)
  • Alone time.
  • Listening to relaxing music.
  • Winding down and getting ready to nap or go to bed.
  • Singing songs and reciting simple rhymes.
  • Tell your children how much you enjoy spending time with them.
  • (Never send a child to a book nook as a punishment or a time out.)

A book nook is a great way to encourage reading as a way to relax, connect with each other and a good way to entertain ourselves without any screens when we are alone. For more ideas ask a teacher or check out one of our book nooks.

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