Can your newborn to 5 month old baby do this?

5-6 moth old characteristics

Can your newborn to five month old do this?

  • Feel, taste, smell, and hear
  • Move arms and legs in play
  • Cry when in need of somethingNewborn to 5 month old Baby characteristics
  • Enjoy being held and spoken to
  • See things 8”-12” away
  • Begin to turn head
  • Make eye contact
  • Look at clear simple pictures or designs
  • Grasp a small thing briefly
  • Make cooing sounds
  • Lift head to look around
  • Smile
  • Follow with eyes from side to side
  • Reach toward a toy show happy and sad feelings by making sounds
  • Watch your mouth when you talk
  • Hold and shake a small toy
  • See things farther than 12 inches away
  • Look at hands and feet
  • Bat or hit at things
  • Support head and chest with arms when on stomach
  • Try to roll over
  • Reach out when on stomach
  • Watch moving things
  • Answer a sound you make with another sound
  • Try to pull up to a sitting position
  • Bounce when held in a standing position
  • Enjoy looking in a mirror
  • Hold something in either hand
  • Play peek-a-boo
  • Recognize familiar people

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